Ana Jimenez Video #2

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Description: Also, follow me on Twitter at and on isellvids at . I answer all messages. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ana Jimenez Scene 2. Ana is back for her second audition. This time Joe drives to her place out in Orange County and pics her up. It's a hot day in Southern California, so Ana is wearing nothing but a two piece bikini. They take off driving, and then stop at a local park, so we can see petite Ana walk around in the sunshine with her little bikini. Ana looks so good in her bikini. She has a very nice fat ass and titties that go perfect on her short and small frame, and like many typical Latinas, her long straight hair hangs down to her ass crack. It's a very hot day, so they jump back in the car, and make their way to Joe's audition studio setup at very upscale hotel. Watch Ana get fucked on camera for her first time ever! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This item is also available to purchase individually on our page at The direct link to our studio is -You will find extra videos/photo content that has not been posted to -All of our latest videos are now in 4k on there. -You can purchase any item individually, as a one time purchase, or choose to subscribe as a "Super Fan", and get access to all of our content for one price. -Communicate with us through the private instant messaging system. -Don't worry. is not going away, and will still be updated with content. Our page just give us the ability to do a lot more updates of 4k quality, and is a much better system to interact with the fans and other models, etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Always hiring new girls. Email me directly to or message me on twitter or isellvids.

Ana Jimenez

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